Melodic Variation Application Installation Instructions

MelodicVariation is a software for representation and comparison of flamenco music.

Getting Started

To start using the application, you only need to download and extract the “MelodicVariation” package.


MelodicVariation app is designed and built for the macOS Operating System (OS).


To use the application, you must allow the use of the application by the Operating System. To do this, after double clicking on the icon of the application, you access System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> General and in the section “Allow apps downloaded from:” click on “Open also”.
No additional installation is required, simply double-click on the application icon.

Built With

* Swift – User interface
* Openframeworks – Open Source C++ toolkit for creative coding
* C++ – Main code of the application


For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


* Nadine Kroher
* José Miguel Díaz-Báñez
* Adrián Camacho Gil

Conditions of use

The provided datasets are offered free of charge for internal non-commercial use.
We do not grant any rights for redistribution or modification. All data collections were gathered by the COFLA team.
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