Presentation (in Spanish) of the COFLA project by José Miguel Díaz Bañez and Hilario Jiménez in the program El Rincón de los Cabales, Condavisión. Original videos .

Two video demonstrating our image-based singer identification approach. More information can be found in the paper.


Telenotícies comarques Lleida (TV3)
Report about the invited talk “Flamenco y matemáticas. Una asociación inesperada. “


Demo: Real-time pitch and rms visualization of a martinete sung by Hilario Jimenez.


Nadine Kroher explains her PhD work at Conexió Barcelona, Barcelona Televisió.


Sevilla Actualidad – Investigación que relaciona el flamenco y las matemáticas


From the program “Anda Jaleo” in TVE 24horas (03-05-2008).



Radio interview with José-Miguel Díaz-Báñez in SRI Radio International about the project.

Radio interview with José-Miguel Díaz-Báñez in cadena SER about the computational tools for flamenco analysis developed in the COFLA research project.


Cante reciclado, tape composition. (Nadine Kroher, 2015)