The COFLA research project

The COFLA project deals with the study of flamenco music from a technological perspective. We investigate how computational models can support the analysis, characterization and synthesis of flamenco music. Our research focuses on the following aspects:

Interdisciplinarity: we consider interdisciplinary approaches to the understanding of flamenco music, by combining knowledge on literature, musicology, music psychology, mathematics, music information retrieval and audio signal processing.

Description: we provide tools for the automatic description of flamenco pieces in terms of melodic, harmonic, timbre and rhythmic aspects, in order to support comparative research of flamenco pieces. We also provide tools for expressive characterization of flamenco singing.

Generation: we analyze the specific particularities of flamenco singing style, and we intend to use this knowledge to generate and process flamenco performances.

Research topics

  • Automatic singing transcription
  • Melodic similarity
  • Style classification
  • Metric structure analysis
  • Melodic pattern detection
  • Semantic analysis
  • Computer music
  • Singer identification
  • Music and emotion

Funded projects

Junta de Andalucia